Foreword Excerpts
Written by Jay H. Mead, MD, FASCP   

If you have asked yourself, “is my male vitality waning?”; or, if you find yourself paying more attention to the commercials that clutter the sports channels, imploring us to be ready “when the time is right” and grab us with comments such as, “if you have an erection lasting four hours or longer go to the nearest emergency room”. Then Drs. Meletis and Wood wrote this book for you. It is a must read—it very well may save your life!

Erectile dysfunction (ED), even though likely to be corrected with the therapies in this book, should be the least of your concerns. The metabolic consequences of andropause can be devastating.

Do yourself, spouse, significant other, children or grandchildren a huge favor—read this book and join the thousands of males who daily enjoy the benefits of a more youthful vitality and the chance to add quality years to their lives.

-- Jay H Mead, M.D., FASCP

Written by Dr. Chris Meletis   

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"The most expensive supplement is the one that doesn't work, because then you're paying with your health."
  -- Chris Meletis, ND
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Welcome to HIS Change of Life! 

HIS Change Of Life Book Cover

Just like in the new book by doctors Chris Meletis, ND and Sara Wood, ND, this site is a source of cutting edge research and information about hormonal health for MEN.  You’ve likely heard about the changing hormones in women and maybe even heard about therapies that replace and balance declining hormones.  

Bioidentical hormone replacement isn’t just for women . . . many men can benefit from returning their testosterone to optimal, physiologic levels. 

Did you know that testosterone levels start to decline in men at age 30, and continue to decline at a rate of approximately 1% per year!  And diet and lifestyle choices and many disease processes can exacerbate those levels leaving many men with levels far below those of their friends, colleagues and teammates.

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It is estimated that 1 in 5 guys will get it prostate cancer. There is now something EXTRA that you can do to hedge the bet, so to speak.

Researchers from the University of Hawaii have concluded that increased weight when men are younger, increase risk of prostate cancer later in life. If you are white, the risk of being fat and aggressive prostate cancer is even stronger than other races.

Last Updated (Sunday, 18 October 2009 19:02)

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You make the decision. It appears that it is official, a petition to increase pesiticide levels in certain foods has been made.  What foods are they?  What can you do?

Take a look at this breaking news.   In the buffet of life you should at the very least know when to go organic, especially with the current economic times.  When you can afford to make a choice, may you make the choice well.




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